Rodora (Rhoda) T. Helring
RN, BSN, Aesthetic RN, Clinical Manager


18208 Imperial Hwy
Yorba Linda, California 92886

Mon. thru Sat. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

What began as a vision and a dream in Hollywood 13 years ago has now become a reality for North Orange County.  Allure Med Aesthetics relocated to Yorba Linda in May of 2013 and we now are providing our STAR treatment platform to well over a 1000 clients in the area.

From our industry icon Medical Director, Richard B. Mantell, MD, Frank Fower, MD, Surgeon and Rhoda T. Helring, RN, Aesthetic RN, Allure’ delivers a professional team of seasoned practitioners. Together they provide the wide range of the ultimate in Med Aesthetics treatments that Allure currently provides to it’s discriminating clientele.  We literally can make a difference for you from head to toes, including our Smart Pure Lipo which removes fat permanently, sculpture’s, tightens and firms the body like no other procedure available.

Seeing is believing and at Allure’ we know that every client that we treat is a literal billboard for our practice and we do not take that responsibility lightly. Managed Care is a medical term.  At Allure’ we strive to achieve Managed Results.  From our talented professionals, our state of the art equipment and our branded post treatment product line, Allure’ is a Med Aesthetic experience that is set apart just for you!

Our premiere treatment known as ‘Timeless Transition 360’ was birthed and perfected in the treatment of Hollywood Stars.  Like them, you have “No Time for Down Time”.  TT 360 will roll back the years on your face, with literally No Pain and No Downtime whatsoever.  It has been heralded as a radical departure from the norm of Medical Aesthetic procedures and our client testimonies of its remarkable results will validate our bold claims.

Over a dozen years, Allure’ has become a recognized leader in the field of aesthetic medicine, and our seasoned staff offers the finest in skin care and complete Body Contouring to a growing clientele. Our areas of expertise include hair removal, smart liposuction, wrinkle, and other anti-aging treatments. We also feature a wide range of Allure’s exclusive post-treatment products. Recognizing that each individual is different, Allure’ strives to provide a highly personal and caring experience for every customer.


Richard D. Mantell, MD, Pres/CEO
 – Medical Director
A familiar figure in the Orange County Aesthetics Industry, Dr. Mantell has achieved iconic status as both a practitioner and a consultant, and his leadership ensures that Allure’ will continue to provide innovative, world-class services.

David R. Milstein, MD – Surgeon
A physician and a professor at UCLA for 25 years, Dr. Milstein is an institution in his own right. As a specialist in Smart Lipo, he provides Allure’ with an unparalleled expertise in full Body Contouring treatment capabilities.

Frank Fowers, MD – Surgeon
Dr. Fowers is Dr. Milstein’s business partner and the other half of an unbeatable team in the arena of specialized Smart Lipo and Body Contouring. Allure’ is excited about their future endeavors together.

Rodora (Rhoda) T. Helring, RN, BSN, Aesthetic RN – Clinical Manager
Known for her gentle touch and a favorite among celebrities, Rhoda’s vast experience and ingenious therapeutic sense are the heart and soul of Allure’ Med Aesthetics. Her knowledge and irrepressible personality keep our 1000+ satisfied clients coming back for more.

Michelle Gediman – Office Manager
With a rich and long-standing record in the aesthetics industry, Michelle is the backbone of Allure’s client hospitality and service. Michelle has worked closely with Rhoda for many years, and together they make an unbeatable team.


Timeless Transition 360
Mini Facelight – No Down Time No Pain

A Proven System to Help You Look as Young as You Feel

Our signature treatment brings together six scientifically advanced procedures to restore your skin’s natural beauty and radiance.

This 6-step process works to erase spots and wrinkles, tighten skin, firm weak areas, and provide smooth, even tone and texture for a naturally youthful appearance.

Laughlines and Lip Enhancement
Fillers to erase deep laugh lines and create full, luscious lips.

Botox, Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm, Dysport, Belotero
For facial wrinkles, deep lines and indentations.

Buff and Polish
Rejuvenation and Firming

Spider vein Removal

High-end laser procedures, fillers and our exclusive Allure’ pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Skin-Care Products
Allure’s proprietary post-treatment products were developed to enhance and extend our procedures.

Natural Healthy Weight Loss
Drink coffee and lose weight.   Burn fat and suppress appetite.  Learn how.

Smart/Pure Liposuction – (Smart Lipo)
Permanent Fat Removal – is it possible?

Full-body contouring and permanent fat removal. Minimally invasive in-office procedure, performed safely under local tumescent anesthesia, less traumatic than traditional liposuction, greater skin tightening, and minimal bruising and downtime.


At Allure'... Seeing is believing! Here are some "Before and After" Timeless Transition 360 and Med Aesthetics treatment Billboard Clients.

Allure' delivers a professional team of seasoned practitioners. Together they provide the wide range of the ultimate in Med Aesthetics treatments.